Translation agency JOHO is in Tokyo, Japan.

JOHO is a multilingual translation company
that translates Japanese chiefly.

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JOHO Multilingual Translation Services

The crucial points of translation lie in accuracy as well as natural wording. JOHO offers translation services in all fields. We employ native speakers of the target language with medical, legal backgrounds etc for accurate and natural sounding translations.

Field of translation

Translation Methods and Prices

*JOHO offers translation services at reasonable prices and our estimates are free of charge.
 For translations into Japanese, the optimal translator is selected for each job based on their field of expertise from our database of translators in Japan. After the translation is complete, another translator checks the work to ensure quality. For translations into other languages, native and Japanese translators work together in translating and checking. This ensures a natural and speedy translation which cannot be obtained by only Japanese translators along with reliability which is not possible with only native translators.
 These services are offered at reasonable prices while maintaining a steady level of quality. Some price examples include Japanese translations at 800-1,500JPY per 100 words and English translations of 1,000-1,800JPY per 100 characters. The minimum charge is \8,000 and all prices are before taxes. The Native checker services are included in these prices.

*Refer to individual language pages or the Translation Price List page for other language pairs.
*We also offer translation services for audio. Refer to the Audio/Video Translation and Prices section of the Flow page for prices.
*We accept payment through bank transfer, credit card.
 Bank information is listed in the Bank Transfer section. Use the credit card payment button provided on each page to Pay by Credit Card.

Translation Tidbits

 The act of transcribing words in to another language is called translation. The original text is called the source and the translated text is called the target. Likewise, the original language is called the source language and the language to be translated into is called the target language. For example, when translating English to Japanese, the source language is English and the target language is Japanese.

 Difficulties in translation include the unique wording of each language and finding one word in the target language to match each word in the source language. An example of the latter problem involves ideas that can be expressed in one word in the source language but require multiple words in the target language. Conversely, multiple words with somewhat different meanings in the source language may have only one common translation in the target language. The range of a word’s meaning may also differ or overlap in both languages.
 Similarly, when clients request only the title of the document to be translated first and then the contents to be translated afterwards, it may be necessary to revise the title which was translated beforehand, depending on the translated contents. In addition, when certain words are translated into the target language and then this translation is again translated back into the source language, some people may think that the second translation will be exactly the same as the original source. We would like those people to realize that such cases are very rare.

 Moreover, when the source is incomplete, the translation also becomes incomplete. Even if the entire text includes everything the writer wants to say and the writer’s message is somewhat clear, the text may not be complete after reading each individual sentence. An example of this in Japanese which often occurs is the subject being omitted and it not being clear what the subject is from the context or two possible subjects, both being omitted and creating a contradiction within the sentence. These cases are common in materials such as recordings of orally spoken words and require native checker support.
 The person who wants the text translated may be convinced that the text is incomplete if they did not write it. However, when the person who wrote the text wants it translated, they know what they are trying to express so they may feel discontent when the translated text is not what they expected. Therefore, it makes the translation process smoother when the text is checked again by the person who wrote it to make sure each sentence is structured correctly and the subjects are clear.

International Business Support Service

1. Intermediary Communication Services
  These services are offered at total monthly prices based on the number of words and characters for fees of 100,000JPY or more.
  This eliminates the need to confirm the estimate to every order.
  The total bill is delivered at the end of the month.
  It is not necessary to pay the minimum price for each job, these by saving you money.

2. Japanese Business Liaison Services
  When we receive postal items, we translate them within the determined period of time and send them to our clients.
  We also translate documents you would like sent to Japanese contacts and deliver then together with the original (native language) copy.
  Make use of JOHO as your gateway to the Japanese market.
  Contact us for more details. TEL:+81-3-6447-0298

Languages List

Translation agency JOHO offers translation services in the following 25 languages.

North America English (for U.S., Canada)
Western Europe English (Britain), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
East Europe Czech, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, and Ukrainian
Scandinavia Danish, Finnish, Swedish
Latin America Spanish (Mexico and Argentina, etc.) and Portuguese (Brazil)
The Middle East Arabic
Asia and the Pacific Ocean English (Australia and New Zealand), Korean, Chinese, Formosan, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese

Refer to the price list for languages not listed. Price List

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