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Thai Translation

Thai Translation Price (Prices vary according to difficulty.)

Japanese translation Thai (100*characters) to Japanese   500JPY~  800JPY (without Tax)
Thai translation Japanese (100 characters) to Thai   800JPY~1,500JPY (without Tax)
English translation Thai (100*characters) to English   600JPY~1,100JPY (without Tax)
Thai translation English (100 words) to Thai 1,000JPY~1,800JPY (without Tax)

*It can be difficult to understand the number of words in Thai documents so prices are set at units of 100 characters.

Translation Price

*A consumption tax of 8% is charged when requesting services in Japan.
[Price Calculation] Translation prices are calculated in units of 100 words (units of 100 are rounded up so 583 characters comes to 6 units). The number of characters or words can be counted using word processing software making the counting process simple. Prices per 100 characters differ depending on the difficulty level in the number ranges listed on the table. Estimates are given free of charge.
[Minimum Fees] Our minimum fee for each translation job is 8000JPY.
[Large Quantity Discount] We offer discounts based on quantity with 5% off for services 30,000JPY or higher, 10% off for services 100,000JPY or higher and 15% for services 200,000JPY or higher (prices do not include tax).
[Audio Translation] Refer to the Audio/Video Translation and Prices section of the Translation Prices page for prices on video and recorded audio translation.
[Payment] Refer to the Payment Methods section listed below.
*Refer to the pages of other languages for their respective translation rate.

Translation Fields

Letter, regular report, speech manuscript, homepage, and manual, document, booklet, contract, medical certificate, application document, company copy, diploma, and all fields.


E-mail us the document(s) to be translated during our business hours and we will provide you with an estimate. Estimate Forms are also available.

Translation Certificates

**For an additional 5,000JPY (tax excluded), we will issue a Translation Certification.
 These can be used for official documents such as graduation diplomas, official copies of family registers and official records.

Tidbits about the Thai Language

 Thai is the official language of the constitutional monarchy of Thailand, a country with a population of 66 million people located in Southeast Asia.

 Thailand has been closely involved with Japan in modern history. Most Asian countries who were embroiled in the conflict of the Pacific War became colonies of Japan, European countries or the US but Thailand was able to avoid colonization. The Franco-Thai War started in 1940 in Thailand with Thailand regaining territories through signing a treaty in Tokyo with intervention from Japan in 1941.

 As the Pacific War broke out, Thailand and Japan formed an alliance and Thailand fought for the Axis Powers. Meanwhile, Thai nationals secretly agreed to help the Allied Powers focusing on England during WWII so they were able to avoid post WWII reparations and they were not linked to United Nations enemy state clauses. They did not become colonized, they maintained their constitutional monarchy and they were able to receive support from the US so they did not become Communist like some neighboring countries.

 Besides modifiers being placed after their object, the Thai language is very similar to Chinese. Adjectives, verbs and nouns modify other words to make idiomatic phrases so one word tends to be extremely long. Therefore it is difficult for even the translator to count the number of words equivalent to the number of English words so prices for Thai translations are set by number of characters.

 Thai characters are phonograms split into consonants and vowels. However, these do not directly express the tone of the character and there are complicated and irregular tones. Likewise, it is difficult to grasp the tone from only reading the Thai character. There are some basic rules, but these are not standardized in Thai language textbooks.

 In Thai script, the vowel is positioned above, below or to either side of the consonant and multiple vowel symbols may be written above. Vowel symbols may also be elongated vertically so there must be sufficient space above and below the character. Depending on the text, vowels are not necessarily elongated above or below the character or they can be only partially elongated so it is common to see excessively wide spaces between lines. In word processing software, the font must be designated to be displayed and problems such as the bottom part of Thai characters not being visible often occur. Due to these reasons, JOHO provides Thai translations in a PDF format.

Schedule and express additional charge

I will deliver goods to the third business days from the next day of the order date for the original of a standard amount within 2,000 words or 4,000 characters usually.
When the amounts are larger than these, I get the schedule of corresponding.
Consult us when you hurry up. We might be able to translate by the following extra charges.

Translation speed Regular Express Super Express
Standard amount
(Under 2,000 words
or 4,000 character)
3 Working days 2 Working days 24H (Confirm it to us)
Additional charge None
(Only a basic charge)
25% increase of basic charge Negotiable

Payment Method

For orders, we require payment in full in advance.

[Overseas Remittance] There is a 4,000JPY incoming remittance transaction fee when making bank transfers. Remittance charges are also the responsibility of the client. It is recommended to use a credit card for small amounts.

Payment by Credit Card

Type of card VISA Master JCB AMEX DINS
Pay by card
Price JPY

Enter the amount due in the box, and press "Pay by card". Then, it jumps to the other page. Follow the screen guidance.

Bank Transfer

Account name Bank Branch Account Number
Swift Cord: RAKTJPJT
HEAD OFFICE 251-7558012


JOHO offers after service support including
revisions free of charge within one month
after the translation is delivered.
(Charges incur when there are changes
to the original source text.)

Translation Manager : Nishi
ONE PLANET, Inc.       4-20-3 Touei Jingu-gaien BLDG.
Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0051 Japan
E-mail : eng(a)
*Please replace "(a)" with “@“.
Tel +81-3-6447-0298, Fax +81-3-4330-1117

4-20-3 Touei Jingu-gaien BLDG. Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 151-0051 Japan

Mail to JOHO

10:00 - 18:00  ( J a p a n  t i m e )

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