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Japanese Translation

Japanese Translation Price (Prices vary according to difficulty.)

Japanese translation English(100 words) to Japanese   800JPY~1,500JPY(before Tax)
English translation Japanese(100 characters) to English 1,000JPY~1,800JPY(before Tax)

Translation Price

*Campaign prices are offered for Japanese translations.
*A consumption tax of 8% is charged when requesting services in Japan.

[Price Calculation] Translation prices are calculated in units of 100 words (units of 100 are rounded up so 583 characters comes to 6 units). Prices per 100 characters differ depending on the difficulty level in the number ranges listed on the table. Estimates are given free of charge.
[Minimum Fees] Our minimum fee for each translation job is 8000JPY.
[Large Quantity Discount] We offer discounts based on quantity with 5% off for services 30,000JPY or higher, 10% off for services 100,000JPY or higher and 15% for services 200,000JPY or higher (prices do not include tax).
[Audio Translation] Refer to the Audio/Video Translation and Prices section of the Translation Prices page for prices on video and recorded audio translation.
[Payment] Refer to the Payment Methods section listed below.
*Refer to the pages of other languages for their respective translation rate.

Translation Fields

Letters, regular reports, speech manuscripts, homepages, manuals, documents, booklets, contracts, medical certificates, application documents, company copies, diplomas, and all technical fields.


E-mail us the document(s) to be translated and we will reply with a free estimate. Estimate Forms are also available.

Translation Certificates

**For an additional 5,400JPY, we will issue a Translation Certification.
 These can be used for official documents such as graduation diplomas, official copies of family registers and official records.

International Business Support Service

1. Intermediary Communication Services
  These services are offered at total monthly prices based on the number of words and characters for fees of 10,000JPY or more.
  This eliminates the need to confirm the estimate with every order.
  The total bill is delivered at the end of the month.
  It is not necessary to pay the minimum price for each job, thereby saving you money.

2. Japanese Business Liaison Services
  When we receive postal items, we translate them within the pre determined period of time and send them to our clients.
  We also translate documents you would like sent to Japanese contacts and send them along with the original copy in your language.
  Make use of JOHO as your gateway to the Japanese market.
  Contact us for more details. TEL: +81-3-6447-0298

Tidbits about the Japanese Language

 Japanese is the official language of Japan.

 Before Japan had a system of writing, history and traditions were passed on by word of mouth. Once the kanji writing system entered Japan from China, it was adapted to the language with two styles of pronunciation for each character; the "onyomi" style, and the "kunyomi" style. "On-yomi" is a pronunciation that came from a Chinese word and "Kun-yomi" is a pronunciation applied to a Japanese word. Some characters only use one of these styles, while others have several different "On-yomi" and "Kun-yomi" pronunciations.

 The Japanese language also has two other syllabaries; "Hiragana" and "Katakana". Both are phonetic syllabaries, and they each consist of 46 characters. Both are phonetic syllabaries, and they consist of 46 characters respectively. Hiragana was created from simplified versions of kanji, and katakana was used to phonetically connect kanji together in keeping with the requirements of the Japanese language. Nowadays, hiragana is used together with kanji in everyday writing, and katakana is mainly used for foreign words and onomatopoeic phrases representing the sounds of birds and animals.

 The syntactical order of Japanese sentences is generally the subject, the object and the verb. There are also many cases in which the subject is omitted. Consequently, in order to translate Japanese into English, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the contents and their context in order to provide clues as to the omitted subjects. It goes without saying that this requires a deep understanding of the Japanese language. All translated documents produced by JOHO are double-checked by Japanese nationals to guarantee 100% accuracy.

Schedule and express additional charge

We deliver translated materials business days from within 3 the order date for orders of 2,000 words or 4,000 characters and under.
When the amounts are larger than these, We provide schedule a delivery.
Consult us for rush orders (extra charges apply).

Translation speed Regular Express Super Express
Standard amount
(Under 2,000 words
or 4,000 character)
3 Working days 2 Working days 24H (Confirm it to us)
Additional charge None
(Only a basic charge)
25% increase of basic charge Negotiable

Payment Method

For orders, we require payment in full in advance.

[Overseas Remittance] There is a 4,000JPY incoming remittance transaction fee when making bank transfers. Remittance charges are also the responsibility of the client. It is recommended to use a credit card for small amounts.

Payment by Credit Card

Type of card VISA Master JCB AMEX DINS
Pay by card
Price JPY

Enter the amount due in the box, and press "Pay by card". Then, follow the screen guidance to the next page.

Bank Transfer

Account name Bank Branch Account Number
Swift Cord: RAKTJPJT
HEAD OFFICE 251-7558012


Translation Manager : Nishi
ONE PLANET, Inc.       4-20-3 Touei Jingu-gaien BLDG.
Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0051 Japan
E-mail : eng(a)
*Please replace "(a)" with “@“.
Tel +81-3-6447-0298, Fax +81-3-4330-1117

4-20-3 Touei Jingu-gaien BLDG. Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 151-0051 Japan

Mail to JOHO

10:00 - 18:00  ( J a p a n  t i m e )

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